Quality Control Setup

Details of Firm’s Quality Plans and Programs :

As regards the quality of firm , we generally install a lab with all the desired tools & equipments under the charge of an quality assurance Engineer for constructional quality assurance duly assisted by a lab assistant. We test & use all the material after established of thier satisfactory test result and consequently the test are also performed for job work to the satisfaction of Engineer-in-charge.

We obey the instruction of concerned Engineer-in-charge and take special measures to strengthen quality control measures keeping the view the following consideration :

1. To improove the quality of work
2. Increase the life spa, durability & stability of structure
3. Put all available resources into economical output
4. Reduce unnecessary repairs & maintenance
5. Maintain reputation of firm

We carry out inspection. Checking and testing of construction work at suitable intervals during course of construction to ensure that work is carried out as per laid down specifications and standard.