Policies and Procedures

Details of Firm’s safety Policies & Procedures :

As regards the firms safety policy, we are more careful at all to ensure strick adherence on precautionary measures to avoid any fatal accidents because the accidents are unavoidable on construction projects but the number and gravity of accidents can be reduced considerably if the proper safety measures are taken befor hand.

We entrust the work to a competent and experienced supervisor who shall be made responsible for strict observation of safety rules. He will not allow use of defective safety appliance for tools and equipments, will not allow unqualified person to do a particular job and will give instructions to workers regarding possible hazards and how to eliminate them. We instruct our workers to use safety appliance whenever required. We keep new workers under constant supervision of experience supervisors in task involving hazards. We do not allow any workers to carry on job, which he can not do properly.

We obey the instruction of concerned Engineer-in-charge and take all precautionary measures to strengthen safety practice keeping in view the following considerations :

1. Safety first speed afterwards
2. To save time at the cost of life is abad bargain
3. Make safety in habit
4. Safety first, luck afterwards
5. Safety saves
6. Where caution end, accidents begin
7. Accidents do not happens, they are caused
8. No service is urgent that we can not take time to perform our work safety

Note: We provide proper first aid at work site in treating minor injuries & avoiding complications.